Billiard shots and more…

For over 15 years, I have traveled and covered the pool world while doing freelance work for almost all the major billiard

publications such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN 2 and Billiards Digest, just to name a few.  I've also covered various high

profile events, including The Mosconi Cup, Derby City Classic and the US Open.  As well as my photography, I serve on the

board of and on the Hall of Fame committee for Billiards Congress of America.  In my spare time I do

various charity work and do whatever I can to help put billiards on the map.  I have met and became friends with some of

the greatest legends to every play the game, Earl Strickland, Danny Diliberto, Larry Lisicotti, The Road Scholars …to name a

few.  This Gallery is dedicated to the players past and present.

I will also have my online store and video sections up very shortly.  You will find nothing short of great historic photos and

some extremely rare limited edition group shots.

If there is a photo you are interested in please let me know 843-828-7770 or email me
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